Great Yarmouth - a state of the art manufacturing facility

HYGOOD halocarbon and inert gaseous fire suppression systems are manufactured to the highest standards at Tyco’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Great Yarmouth.

This facility combines highly skilled teams of dedicated professionals in manufacturing, with specialised technical support, customer service and sales, making Tyco’s Great Yarmouth operation unrivalled in its ability to serve our customers’ needs and deliver quality, installation ready systems.

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Quality of the highest standard

We are extremely proud of the quality of production at our Great Yarmouth facility. All our system components passing through the high tech assembly lines are subjected to a series of manufacturing checks and controls to ensure quality and consistency of each system, giving us the confidence to know that finished products meet the highest standards.

Quality Control

To enable consistency and product traceability;

1. All assembly cells and production areas at Great Yarmouth are enabled with checkpoints for quality control to exam for manufacturing consistency of products and systems.

2. All containers passing through assembly cells and production areas have barcodes attached, the barcode is scanned at every step and checkpoint in the manufacturing process to record and verify satisfactory completions. Our barcode system captures data from over 100 process control points to ensure traceability and product conformance validation. The benefit of this means and highlighted concerns can be immediately corrected.

Standards and approvals

Great Yarmouth is facility proud of meeting the quality standards of ISO 9001, confirming its ability and our commitment to meeting the highest possible quality standards for HYGOOD clean agent systems.


At Great Yarmouth we use an accurate digital weighing system to measure and monitor the filling process of our clean agents and CO2 gas suppression system containers. This system allows us to achieve very accurate fill levels; Benefits of this process are very accurate mix percentages and compliance with ADR regulations, (see filling compliance).

Our containers for SAPPHIRE, FM200, CO2, INERGEN, IG100 and IG001are filled by weight then pressurised in accordance with national and international standards, such as EN15004, ISO 14520 and NFPA2001.

Filling Compliance

We are committed to the Accord Européen relatif au transport international des merchandises Dangerousness par Route (ADR), which is the European agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road. For Tyco this relates to the transportation of pressurised containers covered in the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We comply with PED and ADR by;

1. Ensuring that all staff members in roles relating to the shipping and packing of goods are certified to do so and have the necessary authority to sign and complete the required documentation.

2. Ensuring all containers are filled to the correct pressure levels allowing for temperature variances in transportation. This is important as over filling can lead to over pressurised containers that exceed the recommended container tolerances due to temperature variances.

Watch the video on how we comply to ADR Regulations here

Global Environment, Health & Safety Policy


Tyco will provide products and services to its customers with Zero Harm to people and the environment.

Global Policy

Tyco is committed to producing products and providing services to customers in a safe, responsible manner that respects the health and safety of our employees, the environment, our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Tyco believes in promoting a workplace where protecting our people and the environment is the way we conduct business. At Great Yarmouth we are committed to following the global Tyco policy and strive every day to ensure products and manufactured and sent to customers with Zero Harm to people and the environment.

Watch the video on how we uphold safety at Tyco Great Yarmouth here

Environmental Responsibility

Tyco’s strives to reduce its overall environmental impact and resource consumption footprint around the world by working smarter. We are taking a number of steps to reduce our environmental impact, such as reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste generation and water use throughout our global operations.

Environmental responsibility is always at the forefront of our decisions, especially when it comes to production processes and assembly line design. We have optimised our production to reduce waste and its associated costs to become a positive environmental citizen. Our goal is to be at zero waste to landfill and we are working every day to make this a reality.

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