Inert Gases with iFLOW technology

Using innovative technology, the iFLOW Fire Suppression System is a state-of-the-art delivery system that provides a regulated and effective discharge of inert gas clean agent.

A superior fire suppression solution

The use of inert gases is a proven method for suppressing fire, using naturally occurring gas(es) in areas where people may be present or where valuable or sensitive assets could be damaged by conventional agents. During a typical inert gas system discharge, a peak pressure and flow spike occurs. It is these peaks that are used to determine the pipe size specification and venting requirements. The iFLOW system reduces this pressure spike by providing a controlled flow during discharge. This allows for the use of smaller diameter, low pressure piping and reduced pressure relief venting requirements.

An innovation in fire protection

An enhancement to the proven agent technology, the innovative iFLOW technology is based on three main elements:

  • The iFLOW valve reduces the peak pressure and regulates the flow at a nominal pressure of 60 bar in the 300 bar system and 40 bar in the 200 bar version, whilst maintaining the ability to achieve 95% of system design concentration within 60 or 120 seconds.

  • The iFLOW horizontal check valve minimizes installation time by facilitating the interconnection of containers and in many cases, eliminates the need for a discharge manifold. It also serves as a safety device, preventing loss of agent, in the event the containers are removed from the system during maintenance.

  • The iFLOW matrix system offers design flexibility and adaptation to complex architectural spaces. When compared with traditional racking systems, the matrix system incorporates a distinctive design that provides more flexibility during installation and quicker removal of containers from the bank, during recharge and maintenance.

The iFLOW system can be actuated by detection and control equipment for automatic system operation along with providing local and remote manual operation as needed. Accessories are used to provide alarms, ventilation control, door closures or other auxiliary shutdown or activation functions.

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The iFLOW technology is available with the following inert gas agents:

  • IG541, comprised of a blend of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2

  • IG55, comprised of 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon

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