AUTOPULSE Z-20 Agent Releasing Control Panel

Life can be unpredictable. So you need a fire protection system you can count on. That's where the AUTOPULSE Z-20 comes in.

The AUTOPULSE Z-20 is a reliable, cost effective and easy-to-use addressable releasing panel offering simple integration, configurations and operation. The AUTOPULSE Z-20 offers big panel advantages at a lower cost for single and multiple hazard applications offering 100-250 addressable point capability and up to 32 points of conventional zones. The panel is both UL listed and FM approved with various HYGOOD fire suppression systems providing you with an integrated platform for your application.

Sophisticated & Compact Technology

The AUTOPULSE Z-20 features templates designed to simplify fire suppression application programming, a USB port to upload programs or download critical information such as historical logs, and a 4.3-inch touch-screen color display and intuitive menu-driven interface. A remote annunciator option provides an exact replica of the front panel interface.